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Nokia launches Booklet 3G and enters into PC business

Posted on 02 September 2009 by Sadhan RSS Feed Twitter Facebook Google


Nokia launches Booklet 3G and enters into PC business 

nokiaFrom mobile handsets to PC manufacturing, Nokia seems to be striving for a market leader position on all latest gadgets and devices. It’s the mini laptop Booklet 3G that is the key phrase with Nokia besides its smartphones. That’s the tech news buzzing around you about Nokia and netbooks. 

PC should not be such that it ties you down into one place. The growing demand is that people need PC with lot of mobility. The punch line of Nokia is Connecting People so with Nokia Booklet 3G, the company is evolving in anew dimension to connect people with comfort and convenience. 

Apple’s iPhone has slowly crawled and grabbed lot of Nokia market share in the field of smartphones. So, with the news of Tablet Notebook from Apple, there is no wasting time by Nokia to give the right punch with Nokia Booklet 3G. 

The full details of the Nokia Booklet 3G is yet to be disclosed by Nokia, but a sneak peek into this latest mobile PC reveals: 

  • Nokia Booklet 3G will have 10 inch display monitor screens (same as Apple Tablets ah!)
  • It will be powered by Intel’s Atom microprocessor for an impressive performance.
  • This notebook will not weigh more than 1.25kgs, just because it is available with aluminum chassis.
  • The connectivity options include 3G/HSDPA and Wi Fi.
  • You will also enjoy the rich Ovi Suites applications from Nokia in Booklet 3G.
  • It is coming with full keyboard unlike Apple Tablets.  

More can be known at the Nokia World Conference on September 2 and I shall keep you posted on that. 


The greatest benefit that is making news is the battery life of this gadget. 12 hours of battery life is simply amazing. 

What you get is a netbook that is offering you the experience of full mobile computing without the additional weight of a laptop. 

Personal computer thus is geared towards being more personal, social and helpful gadget. Pricing is one issue that needs to be checked, but reports say that it’s going to be affordable and not so expensive as smartphones or Apple Tablets. 

For more information keep checking : 

 and keep commenting :)

  • Ritika

    Great info.. This netbook looks good.. It is going to have GPS also and will be priced at around $817.

  • vikram

    The price is way too high for a netbook that too where the ram is fixed to max of 1 GB. I dont think its worth it.

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