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Apple iPad – Apple Tablet gets its name

Posted on 28 January 2010 by aditi RSS Feed Twitter Facebook Google


Apple iPad tablet launched to change the world of gadgets

pic credit: AP

Steve Jobs is in news and so is Apple Inc… Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about Apple’s much awaited and much hyped iPad tablet that has been launched with an amazing price range. Apple iPad is expected to revolutionize how people read newspapers, magazines, books and even how they watch television.

Besides creating an upheaval in the gadget market, Apple’s share prices showed an upward trend. So, after iPhone and the Macbook, it is iPad tablet that is the buzzing phrase and is being considered as the third category gadget. The aim of Apple Inc is to put iPad tablet into the hands of the masses.

Let me make one thing clear and that is iPad is not a mere replacement of iPod Touch or iPhone and it is also not a device away from laptop. This iPad sits right in the middle and is not for making phone calls and it has no mouse or keyboard, but it provides with excellent web browsing experience. The iPad users will be able to send email, read e-books, create albums and enjoy videos and all that at an affordable price.

The iPad is definitely lighter and thinner than any netbook or laptop as it is just half-inch thick and weighing not more than 1.5 pounds. One can work with this device both in landscape and portrait mode. The users of iPad can definitely download to read the latest novel and book e-ticket for the forthcoming movies, but it cannot make a phone call or click a photo at least for some time now.

pic credit: AP

The first generation of Apple iPad will be available in the market by the end of March 2010. The 16 GB model is priced at $499 while 32 GB and 64 GB will be available at $599 and $699 respectively.

There are two versions of iPad. One that is available with Wi-Fi and the other supports both Wi-Fi and 3G.

Wall Street Journal says, “Apple focused on the role the gadget could play in homes and in classrooms,” the WSJ reported, envisioning “that the tablet can be shared by multiple family members to read news and check email in homes.”.

Experts put their comments about the gadget in their own way:

• TechCrunch — MG Siegler provides pictures of the tablet that are so realistic-looking that they might even be pictures of the tablet.  There’s also a commercial floating around this morning created by someone looking for a job. Eyeballs beware today.

• Circuit Breaker (CNET) — Erica Ogg collates rumors about iPod-like docking connections, 3G connections, and publisher connections.  (Yes, yes, and yes, in case you’re in a rush.)

• Gizmodo — Dan Nosowitz adds that iPhone apps will likely port to the tablet easily.

• TechCrunch — Like a Barnes & Noble bookstore app, maybe?  Maybe.

• Boy Genius Report — Speaking of 3G rumors, Verizon apparently has told its employees to expect big news Wednesday.  Of course, that could merely be an ancillary rumor about iPhones appearing on other networks soon.  Silly, forgotten iPhones… don’t confuse matters!

• TUAW — The tablet has already been tasked with saving the entertainment industry as well as publishing, but did you know it’ll also resuscitate education in America?  There’s an app for that, apparently.  Michael Grothaus wonders if we’ll see a tablet on every desk soon.

• ReadWriteWeb — Of course, that will come after it’s done reducing health care costs and improving quality, according to Mike Kirkwood.  Don’t get pushy, kids… the tablet will heal all!

With lots of promises and expectations, we will have to wait and watch to what level the Apple iPad can meet this. I will keep you posted on this !

pics credit: AP

  • vikram

    I dont think this is as good as the fuss being made. It simply lack so many mainstream features…

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