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can i get my gay bf back even if he has a new man

Posted on 25 August 2009 by Ritz RSS Feed Twitter Facebook Google


how do i know my bf still like me after i get back to him
get my xboyfriend back
How to get my ex bf back we recently split up an he has someone new can I still get him back an how
What to do to get your ex bf discount viagra online back after breaking up
ex girlfriend says we never are going to get back together

Pi : Its longest calculation ever by Japanese Super Computer

The new value of Pi is 2,576,980,370,000 decimal places long. T2K-Tsukuba System, a supercomputer at the University of Tsukuba, Northeast of Tokyo takes the credit of setting a world record for calculating the value of Pi to more than 2.5 trillion decimal places beatin

what should you do if you broke up with a girl want to get back together, how to talk your ex back.

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g the previous record of more than 1.2 trillion places, set in 2002 by a team from University of Tokyo and Hitachi.

This supercomputer is comprised of 640  Quadra-Core

AMD Opteron processors and processing speed of 95 Trillion floating-point operations per second. It took 73 hours and 36 minutes (including verification time) to calculate this value which is 8 times faster than the previous record(600 hrs for calculating 1.2 trillion decimal places).


Daisuke Takahashi, Associate Professor of Centre for Computational Sciences wrote the two programs for this calculation.

This is yet another step towards exploring the endless value of the geometrical constant and a way of testing the super computer.

  • vikram

    Not sure How it makes sense to waste such a amount of computing power on something which does have much value. What would that long value of Pi before future growth

  • Chan

    i just did a calculation of Pi to the 10,000,000’th digit.. took less than a minute.

    honestly with all of today’s supercomputers this is the best calculation of Pi to-date?

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