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New Currency Symbol of Indian Rupee

Posted on 02 August 2010 by sadhan

Indian Currency Symbol

The Indian rupee has now got a unique symbol — a blend of the Devanagri ‘Ra’ and Roman ‘R’ — joining elite currencies like the US dollar, euro, British pound and Japanese yen in having this distinct identity.


The new symbol is designed by D Udaya Kumar, Bombay IIT post-graduate and finally we will mark a presence in International Financial scenario with this unque identity.

The following presentation nicely shares the thought around the making of this symbol….

Indian rupee symbol

Even our Favorite show is back from August with Amitabh Bachchan (twitter – @SrBachchan) playing the host, but even this season’s logo also has the new Rupee Sign…
Enjoy …

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Google comes up with Google Commerce Search

Posted on 06 November 2009 by Ritz

Google comes up with Google Commerce Search

google-commerceGoogle Commerce search is a product that is hosted on cloud and is a software-as-a-service offering aiming at online retailers. When a consumer visits an e-commerce portal, searching for a product or a number of products is one of the basic and most widely done tasks.

Hence, in order to make it a pleasant experience for the consumers to find a product, collaboration with Google search technology for the same, makes it fast and customizable.

Let’s have a look at the features of Google Commerce Search:

  • Visitors to the online shop can take the advantage of parametric search i.e. sort their search by category, price, brand and on many similar criterions.
  • It provides automatic spell-check, advanced synonyms and stemming option coupled with Google speed, search quality and ranking capability.
  • Site administrator has the privilege to manage product promotions and in this capacity he can promote specific products, vendors or product categories at the top of the search results.
  • You can change the look and feel of both your search engine as well as search results and can integrate search results into other application using the XML API.
  • As it is a software-as-a-service offering, the deployment and maintenance is very simple

    and economic. As soon as there is an enhancement that is developed, it would be available to the online retail enterprise. There is Google Commerce Search support for assistance in case of any difficulty.

  • Use of integrated Google analytics enables the enterprise to have customized      reporting and statistical analysis.
  • Google Commerce Search being a hosted solution, it ensures the continuity of good quality search experience even there is a sudden rise in site visitors specially  during the holiday period, hence it provides immense scalability.

It’s working:

After signing up for Google Commerce Search, the steps to be followed by a site administrator are:

  1. He must submit the product data to the Google Merchant Centre and Google Product Search and upload the items through via data feeds, direct upload or API
  2. He should log into the administrative console to manage product promotions, upload synonym dictionaries and control parametric search option.
  3. He can get an idea about the site usage and effectiveness using Google analytics.

Its pricing model is based on the number of products in your data feed and the number of search performed on

the site each year.

Also, check out the video at YouTube :  Google Commerce

Check out to have a real experience of the latest product from Google which is right in time with holiday season approaching.

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Reliance mobile launches Job Search service

Posted on 23 September 2009 by Ritz

Reliance mobile launches job search service 


Reliance mobile has come up with an appealing job search which is aimed to benefit the common people of India. This is meant for people who are not very tech savvy and not very comfortable in using web but definitely have potential and a lot of hidden latent. 

Reliance mobile in collaboration with (A company that specialises in informal job hiring) has launched this service on its VAS platform, the R- World. It will be available in five languages – Hindi, English Telugu, Kannada

and Tamil.

It will not only become easier for job seekers to find the right job for them based on their skill but also be a great channel for the employers to reach out to the larger untapped market in rural India, for the so called blue-collared jobs. It educates the rural users about the jobs available in their area as well as higher paying job in near-by cities. 

Until now there have been many job search portals, but they featured only white collar job vacancies which require a great deal of experience and educational qualification.

So India, which has a large rural and sub-urban population, is definitely going to relate, accept and take full advantage of this new service.

As the job market looks bright again after the downturn, Reliance Job search service might give a good competition to the current market leaders in that segment.

Lets watch and see how it brings valued service to jobseekers and employers.

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Total Solar Eclipse of the 21st century on 22nd July 2009

Posted on 21 July 2009 by Sadhan

The total solar eclipse of July 22nd 2009 may be the most viewed solar eclipse. Most of the best viewing opportunities of this total solar eclipse will be in parts of China. However, the path of totality of this solar eclipse will pass through densely populated parts of western, central and eastern parts of India.

Credit: Jefferson Teng

Credit: Jefferson Teng

In IST the eclipse will begin at 5:28am when the shadow of the moon will touch the earth and the total eclipse will end at 10:42am IST when the shadow of the moon will leave the earth at a point in South Pacific Ocean. The umbra of the eclipse will touch the earth at sunrise near Gulf of Khambhat. The path will be 200km wide and duration not more than 3min30 sec. The shadow crossing over Arunachal Pradesh and Myanmar enters China before passing out through Japan’s Ryuku Island.

This eclipse will be the longest total solar eclipse lasting 6 minutes 39 seconds.

If you are living in that part of the world where you cannot watch this total solar eclipse, then you can enjoy the magnificence and beauty of this celestial extravaganza at the following links in your desktop.

In India, according to the NASA report, this solar bonanza will be best viewed from Taregana village, 30 kms south of Bihar capital city Patna. More than 1000 years ago, it was in this same village that astronomer Aryabhatta did set up a camp to study the impact of celestial movements. In this small village people from all walks of life have started flocking in.

Scientists are expected to study the impact of this total solar eclipse on

  • Atmospheric ionization.
  • Possibility of asteroids
  • Geomagnetism
  • Animals and avian behavioral changes
  • Microorganisms’ behavior.

These are the following two links of NASA that provides with detailed path of the Total solar Eclipse

And the following is the official 2009 eclipse bulletin page of NASA

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Hillary Clinton’s 5 day India visit

Posted on 20 July 2009 by Sadhan



Hillary Clinton met with the top honchos of India Inc at the Taj Residency in Mumbai and expressed solidarity with the 26/11 attack victims and assured India that US is with India to put an end to such barbaric act and get the world rid of this gory violence and death. She did recognize Taliban-Qaida link to be a major threat but lot remained unsaid. Besides her views on India-Pakistan ties, Hillary Clinton met the Indian Prime Minister, congress chairperson and agreed on a defense pact that would sell sophisticated American weapons to India. India have signed on “end-use monitoring” agreement that is essential for US weaponry sales.

Hillary Clinton on IT business:

However, the breakfast meeting with corporate India dealt with subjects ranging from protectionism to outsourcing. She did put opinion on President Obama’s comment on to stop outsourcing and to bring jobs from Bangalore to Buffalo. She diplomatically spoke that it is friendly competition that has been talked about and there is not protectionist policy being adopted by US government. But, on the other hand she did claim that outsourcing is a genuine problem in US and that back home her government needs to look into it with serious thoughts.

 Madam Senator on Education:

Ina special interaction with the students of St. Xaviers College and interview with Arnab Goswami, of Times Now, US Secretary of State was greatly impressed with the Teach India campaign and praised involvement of celebrity icon Aamir Khan in this great initiative. She emphasized that global prosperity lies in collaboration and co-operation among countries and among people. This is important to bridge the gap between talent and opportunities. She also went in to praise India’s technical education and says it to be the best in the world. 

 US Secretary of State on Environment:

Hillary at the opening of the ITC Green Center in Gurgaon spoke her mind out and said that this building will soon be one of the monuments of 21st century. Referring to her visit earlier as the First lady at the Taj Mahal, she says that ITC Green building will soon become a stopover in the India’s Tourist Map just as the other wonders of the world.

 US wants India to sign on the dotted lines to put a restriction on carbon emission but India is reluctant to do so as it is believed that India figures quite low in statistical data of carbon emission and feels it would be detrimental to its growing industries (US is responsible for 20 percent of carbon emission while India accounts only 1.8 tonnes per capita). Madam Senator was quick to state that US will not impose any restrictions on India that would be unfavorable for India’s growth and development.

 Hillary Clinton on Agriculture:

Cutting-edge technology should be incorporated to harp greater benefit and to raise crop yields. She visited Indian Agricultural Research Institute and was vocal about the need to identify the root causes of hunger. It is important to begin with the next generation of agrarian economy but was tight lipped on emotive GM (genetically-mapped) food crops.

 Hillary’s visit impact on Defense:

Besides sale of US weapons to India, India did approve two sites for US firms to build two nuclear power plants.

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Jet carrying 168 passengers crashes in Iran

Posted on 15 July 2009 by Sadhan

Caspian Airways Flight 7809 took off from Tehran in the noon today and crashed just 16 minutes after departure in the northwestern part of Iran. This airline was carrying 168 passengers and in it were 10 members of Iranian Junior Judo squad who were travelling to Yerevan for a summer camp.

 According to the state media report, the airline was bound for Armenia and it fears that all passengers are dead. This particular commercial airline basically operates within Iran and also travels to Syria, UAE, Ukraine, Armenia and Turkey. Reports say that this airline uses Tupolev jets made in Russia and Iranians fear that these Tupolev jets are extremely prone to accidents and malfunction.

As US has stopped supplying commercial aircraft and airplanes parts to Iran, people in that country feel that has put the lives of people at greater risks.

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Rubik 360 – new Brain Teaser game

Posted on 14 July 2009 by Ritz

The 64-year old Hungarian Professor and inventor Erno Rubik is back with a bang with his latest invention ‘Rubik 360’. This brain teasing puzzle will be storming the market in Hamleys on 15th July, 2009. Each 360 will cost £ 18 and is already reported to be the most popular item in the London Toy Store’s website. It’s anticipated that Rubik 360 is

going to be the most sought-after puzzle game in this Christmas-holiday season. 

Let’s see what 360 or Rubik 360 is all about…

360 is a transparent plastic ball.

Inside this plastic ball there are 3 interlocking sphere. These three interlocking sphere contain 6 balls of different colours. The challenge is to take these balls into the matching colour coded slots in the outer sphere by shaking them through the middle sphere, which has only two holes. Prof Rubik claims that it involves a lot of kinetic and physical challenge because of gravity involved. It took The Times, 5 hrs to roll the first ball to its correct slot. The first Rubik 360 tournament is scheduled to be held in Dusseldorf in October.

Some Interesting facts about Rubik Cube that will influence you to raise your expectations from Rubik 360:

1.  350 million units of Rubik Cube sold after its invention in 1974 by Prof.Erno Rubik in Budapest, Hungary
2.  The world record for completing the cube was 7.08 sec in 2008.
3.  The largest cube weighs 500kgs and is 3 metres tall, is in display in Tennessee.
4.  The 25 move solution, named God’s Algorithm is the shortest solution.
5.  ‘Rubik Cube’ made its place in Oxford English Dictionary just after two years of its launch and is permanently exhibited in New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

This is what David Hedley, the senior vice-president of the Rubik brand had to say about Rubik 360 “It can’t be that hard. But it is incredibly complicated — there are some really cunning tricks to it.”

As non prescription cialis Rubik 360

hits the market, we will see how many of us grab a 360 and test our patience to solve the puzzle.

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